Machine Social Club Rego Club Permit Victoria

The Club Permit / Club Rego scheme allows you to register a classic mortorcycle or classic car 25 years or older for 45 or 90 days per year. Saving huge amounts on full registration fees and helping you get your classic car or classic motorcycle on the road.

To obtain a club permit is a simple process and we’ll help you out as much as you need!

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Club Rego Fees Victoria

90 Days – $147.50
45 Days – $76.40
45 Days (second) – $73.40

Fees are payable to VicRoads

Step Two: Your vehicle needs to be at least 25 years old to be eligible for Club Rego.

To work out your vehicles manufacture date:

  • If your car or bike has an Australian Compliance plate, the date that is stamped on your plate is the date of manufacture.
  • If your car or bike has an import compliance plate or does not have a compliance plate, the manufacture date will be stamped on the manufacturers build plate, chassis or VIN number or you will need documented evidence from the manufacturer.
  • If your car or bike doesn’t have any of the above, VicRoads will determine the date based on information sourced on their rego database, historical date or from an in house expert.

Step Three: Get a Roadworthy Certificate.

First thing you need for your red plates / club rego is a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC). Most mechanic workshops can help with a RWC in Melbourne.

Please note that if your vehicle was manufactured prior to 31 Dec 1948, a RWC is optional.

If your car or bike is modified outside of what is permitted in the vehicle standards guidelines
is imported and doesn’t have a compliance plate and/or Australia rego records, and the manufacture date is after 31 Dec 1968 for cars and 30 Jun 1975 for motorcycles, you may need a VASS (Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme) Club Permit approval certificate.

Note that if a VASS has been previously provided and there are no new modifications, a new certificate isn’t required.

99% of vehicles we sign up to the club will not need to go through the VASS process.

Guideline can be found here:

Motorcycle GuidelinesCar Guideline

Step Four: Fill out your paper work.

After joining the club and getting your roadworthy certificate, you’ll need to fill out the following forms and arrange a time to visit Machine Social for a vehicle Inspection.
We’re around 10am – 9pm Tuesday – Sunday, so it’s nice and easy to find time.

Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles form [Click to download]
This form must be signed by an approved Machine Social Safety Officer or Scrutineer.

Your RWC must be present and valid in order for the form to be signed.
This Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form must be submitted to VicRoads

Club Permit Application Form [Click to download]
You must fill out and sign your Club Permit Application Form and it must also be signed by an authorised Machine Social representative.

The Club Permit Application must be signed and dated within 30 days of the Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration otherwise VicRoads will reject the form and new application will be needed.

Step Five: Head to VicRoads and Submit the Club Rego Application

Make sure you have the following documents:

  • Evidence of Identity, eg Drivers Licence.
  • Your completed and signed Club Permit Application form
  • Your completed and signed Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form
  • A current Roadworthy Certificate
  • A original VASS Certificate if applicable

Please note that these documents must be originals, not photocopies or faxes etc.

Club Registration / Red Plate Fees are as follows and payable over the counter at VicRoads. You will receive your plates, log book and club permit certificate then and there.

You must fill in your log book each time you ride or drive. If you do not, you will be fined for driving an unregistered vehicle: $793.00. Fill in your log book!

Yes, you can transfer your existing Club Rego to Machine Social (with out a RWC)

If you wish to transfer your club permit vehicle(s) to Machine Social from another club you must provide to Vic Roads:

  • A signed letter from you (the club permit holder), advising of the change and list any club permit vehicles that you want to link to the new club.
  • A Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for each vehicle.
  • A letter from the Club President, Treasurer, Secretary or Permit Scheme Officer at the new club confirming that the applicant is a current member.
  • RWC is NOT required just the above items.

We’ll also need an initial inspection to take a few pics for record.

We’re happy to help with the entire process.